Jorge V. 06/12/2014

" Mr.Carlos and his crew did a great gob in fixing my drainage problem! THANK YOU MARTINEZ LANDSCAPING!!! "  04/25/2014

" I recommend Martinez landscaping because he has being my landscaper for 3 years they are always on time on they do great jobs."



Jack2 S. 04/23/2014

" just wanted to say that I was so pleased with your work MARTINEZ LANDSCAPING You all did an excellent work in my patio also everybody was so friendly."



Susan145 H. 04/22/2014

" i have used Martinez landscaping since i moved to hanahan sc and he has done a very good job in keeping my lawn and he is also always on time."



Anastacia C. 04/18/2014

" I call Martinez landscaping about two weeks ago to see if they can come and give me a quote on laying some sod the owner came and gave me a price about laying the sod down and my husband and I decided to go with them. they came the following week and lay it down and they did an excellent work. They also gave me a good deal on laying pinedles down."



Joshua W. 04/16/2014




Alexander S. 04/16/2014

" we call Martinez landscaping for a quote and we decided to go with them because they gave us a reasonable quote and when they came to do the job their workers were so friendly they say ( everything ok? ) do you like it ? they were very friendly and they did an excellent job."



Jhonatan S. 04/14/2014




Jim M. 04/14/2014

" Martinez landscaping was prompt in every aspect. they did my design exactly as I wanted. They were very professional. my wife was very pleased.

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Sofia V. 04/13/2014

" AWESOME WORK!!!!!!!!! MARTINEZ LANDSCAPING.... MY husband and I are so happy with your work "



Bryan S. 04/12/2014

"Martinez landscaping came to my house and he gave me a quote about trimming my bushes he gave me a really good deal he also did an excellent work now he has most of the neighborhood."



Jennifer L04/12/2014

" MARTINEZ LANDSCAPING cut some trees for me he and his crew did an excellent job now he's doing my yard every week. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THEM. thank MARTINEZ LANDSCAPING KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!! "



Ashley S. 04/10/2014

" MARTINEZ LANDSCAPING has done an excellent work for me. When they first came they gave me an estimate for some sod installation they gave me a quote but they needed a down to get the sod and with out knowing them i wrote them a check for the sod they promise to come and they showed me their insurance and their license and they came and did an excellent work in my yard .... I'm very satisfied with their work that's why I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!!!! Good luck Martinez landscaping and god bless all of you....."


Patrick S04/10/2014

" MARTINEZ LANDSCAPING CARRYS a good quality of pinestraw and he does an excellent work in my yard I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!!! "



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